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We’re located in Lansing Michigan in the USA. All orders ship from our shop in Lansing.
We ship to the US and Canada and to most countries in the world.

To ship outside the US, click the little flag in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you’re in the US, the flag will look like this:

After clicking the flag, a small popup will be displayed showing the country where our website believes you currently are. 

Click on the name of the country displayed in the popup (United States in this example) and you will see a list of countries. Click the one that you would like us to ship to

After clicking on a country in the list, a small window will appear with a short summary of duties and/or taxes that country charges

Now, when you go to Checkout, it should take you to our international checkout page where shipping will be calculated along with any taxes and duties that the destination country charges.

The checkout should look like the image below and the URL in your browser should show checkout.iglobalstores.com

If you don’t see the international checkout screen, go back to the main page of our site and refresh your browser. Then go to checkout again. 

Questions? If you have questions or need assistance with our international checking, call us at 800-927-4131

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