Personalized Knob Bottom
Pilsner Glass Gift Sets

Personalized Knob Bottom <br>Pilsner Glass Gift Sets

Personalized Knob Bottom Pilsner Beer Glass Gift Sets

Entertain in style with our personalized knob bottom pilsner beer glass sets. Crafted of heavy glass, each glass measures 7" tall and has a 16 ounce capacity, with a funky knob bottom instead of a typical pilsner glass foot. Available in either two, four, six & eight glass sets (two glass set shown in photo), these stylish pilsner beer glasses may be personalized with either a single initial, a three initial monogram (see our note below), or a name. Please limit personalization to 14 letters. Shop our website store and buy online or call us to place your order.

Click link to see full alphabet of letter styles Lettering Examples

**Please note, we design our three initial monograms so that the intitial corresponding to the person's LAST NAME is in the CENTER surrounded on the left by the initial corresponding to the person's FIRST name, and on the right by the initial corresponding to the person's MIDDLE name. Also, the center initial is LARGER than the surrounding initials. Please keep this in mind when ordering this style and list the letters required in this order (initial for first name, initial for last name, initial for middle name). Thank you!
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