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Personalized New Baby Theme Coffee Mug

Personalized New Baby Theme Coffee Mug
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Personalized New Baby Theme Coffee Mug

Morning coffee will be even better in one of these charming mugs, personalized with your child's and their favorite relative's names. Featuring our whimsical baby hand prints design etched into the mug, these mugs are available in either ceramic (lilac, brick red, black or French blue) or clear glass. Personalize this mug with baby or child's name and with special relative's title (such as "Mommy" "Nona" "Grampy"... whatever title you'd like!). Shop our website store and buy online or call us to place your order.

Each mug measures approximately 4" high with a 3.25" diameter with a 12 ounce capacity. Because the personalization and hand print design are etched into each mug, they will never fade or wash off. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Note: While our photo shows examples of available mug colors and ideas for personalization, this price is for ONE personalized mug.
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